Până la vară: “The Catfish Blues” – Robert Petway, 1941

20 Feb, 2012 |

Well I lay down down last night : well I tried to take my rest
Notion struck me last night baby : I believe I take a stroll out west
Well if I were a catfish mama : I said swimming deep down in the deep blue sea
All these gals now sweet mama : I said now setting out hooks for me
Well I went down yeah down to the churchhouse : yes well they called on me to pray
Got on my knees now mama : I didn’t know not not a word to say
Somebody write write me a letter baby : I’m going to write it just you see
See if my baby my baby : do she thinking of little old thing of me


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Singur cum umblam atunci pe Somes, auzeam ce vorbesc aia de pe partea cealalta. Si la un moment dat aud pe unu zicand: “Uite ma pe ala, ca da la pastrav!” M-am gandit “Uite ma ce face bautura din om” si abia pe urma mi-a cazut fisa. Am dat vegetatia la o parte sa pot vedea in josul apei si acolo era Romi bagat in mijlocul Somesului.

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  1. romulus says:

    ALELUIA, Brother

  2. gabie says:

    down to the churchhouse

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